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Mediation is a great alternative to the expense and time of litigation. Ever wonder how a mediation is conducted? Click here to see a short animated version of the process. I put it together rather hurriedly, but it will give you an idea and perhaps make you consider mediation as an alternative to litigation in the future. If you are on or near Cape Cod, then Cape Mediation is the place to start.
In the gallery above my photos will appear in a random slide show starting with the most recent. Although a slide show runs in this block you can click on a photo which should take you to my SmugMug pages. To the right under any photo is an info button; if you click on it you will see a map where the photo was taken. However if the camera information says Nikon, then any GPS information is not correct. Enjoy them!

Meanwhile the current weather in Chatham, Massachusetts appears below.

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